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Welcome to Maison Chouchou

We’re in love with the woman who’s wearing us.

The Creator

Alexandra Andriescu

Having met Alexandra Andriescu is knowing that her work is the outcome of all her artistic pursuit. From the little girl whos hands just had to draw to the persuasive Arts student with veiled sensuality paintings, coming to the young graduate teaching Arts in Paris, Alexandra has the complete formation of an artist. Not far was her decision of creating.




The Workshop

A painterly fashion.

Maison Chouchou is the fashion workshop developed under Alexandra’s signature. Leaving art completely influence her work, Alexandra created an eclectic clothing style that seeks for confidence, comfort and an intensive self sense of what a woman truly is.

The workshop brings clean cuts, quality fabrics and complimentary design. But this was also brought by others.

You are not monotous. You are vibrant, you are spread in so many colours and cases, you have different moods and complex feelings. You are unitar, but so different in every moment that you meet.

We think of clothing that is adequate for the whole you, that influence, that strengthen you, that reflect you completely.

We are Maison Chouchou. We create fashion.